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Dashboard Forums Game Design 2p dice bidding mechanism idea Reply To: 2p dice bidding mechanism idea

  • Seth Jaffee

    June 30, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    A few responses…

    “if some cards are just very good then what’s the strategic choice I’m making? I will always just use my highest die, and so will my opponent.”

    Well, one could ask the same of a regular auction… “if some lots are just very good, I will just bid all my money, and so will my opponent, and whoever has the most money will win!”

    For one thing, if you have a single 6, do you spend it now to get this card, or might you want it later to get a different card.

    If you have a 4, maybe that will win a card that an opponent might not want as badly, but maybe it won’t win one that’s really good for them (since they might bid their high numbers for that).

    If you have a 1, you aren’t likely to win any card with it, but ideally you’ll use it when the opponent uses their highest number, so when do you use your lowest numbers?

    ” If I win: yay, and if I lose, I get 2 good dice, so the high-stakes bids are actually the least interesting and come down to chance.”

    So, maybe something wasn’t clear — you don’t get 2 “good” dice, you just get 2 dice. You’re going to roll them later, not use them as-is.

    And the way I envision it, since one player gets 2 dice and the other gets a card, look at the value of the card and the value of rolling 2d6. The dice will come out between 2-12, but likely 5-9. The card will have a static value (probably in that 5-9 range), plus an ability or effect. Obviously the stronger the effect, the lower the value should be.

    Later, when you play that card (you’ll get the effect) and I roll some dice, we’ll compare the values — the dice have a higher max value, and possibly higher average value, but might roll low. The card has a static value that’s maybe lower than the average die roll, but also gives the effect. And maybe you can boost it’s value by rolling additional dice.