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  • Grant Kerwood

    June 19, 2021 at 9:59 pm

    I enjoy using the game design Tracker but I would like to have some more versatility.

    I would like to see more options than the Design and Playtest. things such as Building the game itself, meeting with publishers, marketing etc. I understand that it can quickly become bloated with options, so if that’s a problem just a “Miscellaneous” option would be appreciated.

    This second suggestion may be a bit further from what you may envision for the Tracker. I like to use the tracker to reflect on my previous work, and see how my schedule could improve. Because of this I would like to see a small description box to write a summary of what I did on a day. This would help make sure work is getting done, not just putting in the hours. For that to become fully functional, you may need to add a page for the Tracker specifically, not just have it rest on the side of the feed.

    Thank you Gabe for the great site! I really appreciate all the work you do for the community!