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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress Dig! Prototype – Playtest Ready Reply To: Dig! Prototype – Playtest Ready

  • Israel Ocando

    June 19, 2021 at 6:26 am

    Hi there! No problem, it was my pleasure.

    – Yeah I guess you’re right about the meaningless gold income action. Have you tried a debt system? for example, you can always dig up “for free” but after digging or at the end of your turn you’d have to pay up something depending on the type of tile you dug. If a player doesn’t have the money to pay up for whatever reason, that player adds negative income or debt which will ultimately become fewer points at the end of the game if that player doesn’t pay up during the game. Not sure if this would work, I’m just throwing you this idea that just popped.

    – The corner strategy, yes can be predictable but I don’t see that as a big issue since the map tile is relatively small. I like the idea of different maps, that would certainly add to the replayability and I think you should definitely test it to see if it works. Another thing you could do is adding 1 or 2 more tiles to the tile decks that are in the borders of the map, again, not sure if that would work either haha.

    – You’re totally right about the analysis phase, maybe playing it with another person would give me the necessity to use that action.

    – Lastly, a little bit of both. I started digging up for each player in different corners but then after a treasure popped out, I jumped and stole that one with the other player.

    I hope this was useful and I’m eager to see the next iteration of this game. Keep at it Connor, you got this!