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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress Dig! Prototype – Playtest Ready Reply To: Dig! Prototype – Playtest Ready

  • Conor Reed

    June 19, 2021 at 3:53 am

    Hey, thanks for giving our game a go!

    I’m glad you took the time to use the income action fully, and I do think this benefits decision making as you say. But you seem to have still experienced the issue we have which is gold feeling pretty meaningless when you (for example) start your turn by collecting 3 and then immediately spending 2.

    We had considered the efficiency of digging in the sides/corners and actually considered it a valid strategy. Digging in the corners however is a very telegraphed and often predictable strategy, so we figured (maybe not yet, but hopefully eventually) that would counter that benefit. We had even considered the possibility of multiple ‘map’ layouts, so you could play games that involve lots of corners or a ring-shaped map with a hole in the middle. Not necessarily sure if that actually adds to the game or not, but could be fun to test at some point.

    Yes, you’re right. Analysing is not in a good place in the current version, we’ve been trying many different things and this is likely to get a pretty serious re-work. I can also appreciate (as I realised it too in my own solo playtests) that there is no benefit to hidden information when you are all of the players!

    As you mentioned, the impossible game start had been bought to our attention before. I thought I’d updated the rules but I’ll have to double check, thank you!

    And thanks also for sending the screen shot. Can I ask, was each ‘player’ sticking to their own corner in this scenario or would they both dig in either corner depending on what was available?