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  • Live-action/real-life variants of board games

  • Alexander Vanhulsel

    July 25, 2021 at 1:56 am

    Lately I’ve been intrigued by board games transformed into real-life experiences. Recently I saw a post about a Sheriff of Nothingham on boardgamegeek turned into a real-life version (, and I know of a game convention where they made Codenames into an IRL variant (, but other than that, there doesn’t seem many examples/much information to be found about those.Also, the latter use the term “live-action” instead of “IRL/in real-life”. I went to reddit with this question, and there they seemed to find “live-action” to be the more fitting term.Personally, I find the lack of decent terminology baffling. Which begs the question: have I just not found the correct sources to look? Or is this such a niche type of game that simply not much is written about it?
    As a side note: I organize these types of games in a professional context as teambuildings, but the absence of good terminology makes advertising difficult, and some like-minded people would be great to bounce some ideas back and forth 😉

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