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Good Afternoon, I’m Andrew and I’m a new board game designer. Been playing hobby board games since I was 4, and probably played many more different boardgames than 99% of the population. I’ve started to dip my toe in doing this much more seriously in the last few months. I’m excited to connect with all of you. 

I’ve got a Wine themed trick taking multi use card game that I’m very proud of, and is the furthest along of my designs. It’s been very successful in playtests so far, and I’m looking for it to get challenged more seriously going forward. I’ve also got about 10-14 other ideas and prototypes that I am working on and modifying. 

here’s all the designs I’m working on:

1. Wine Cellar (Trick taking multi use card game about acquiring & storing wine)

2. Win The Draft (Puzzle based NFL style football drafting game to improve your franchise)

3. Somm’s Dinner Party (Competitive tile acquiring game about picking wines to match cuisine and guests tastes)

4. Quaff for Knowledge (Set collection & Tech tree based game about monks, books, and beer brewing)

5. Sushi Rolls (Dice drafting game about sushi)

6. Hollywood Remakes (Recasting Famous movies and remaking them)

7. FF Scratch Off (Fantasy Football Card Scratch Off game)

8. Trick or Treat (Kids Candy Collecting game)

9. Dead Mans Draws (Quick Draw Shootout using poker mechanics)

10. Workers (Worker placement game with variable worker powers)

11. Master Baiter (Solo Fishing Tech Tree based card game)

12. Dating Game (Card game about compatibility & dating)

13. Wine Blenders (Multi-use cards about mixing wine)

14. Stranded (Worker placement based survival & exploration game)

15. Abstract (Dice allocation and modification with crafting mechanisms)

16. Movie Script Party game (Writing a movie collectively with each card played)

17. Road Trip (Complex game about road trips, set collection, hidden goals, pick up and deliver)

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  1. Welcome, Andrew. That’s one very big toe you are dipping in, lol. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of fantastic ideas. Let me know if you get anything on TTS and want help playtesting or brainstorming.