Dreaming About New Games… Literally

Decided to take a moment to sign up today and post my first, following the impulse of a dream I had last night.

Every now and then, I have a dreams, in which I come up with entirely new designs from scratch. These are often quite elaborate in mechanics and design.

Last night I was dreaming of a strategy card game, with different faction-themed decks. It was pretty cool to watch.

One aspect I remember dreaming about, which I did not quite figured out how it worked, is that more seasoned players had accumulated some form of resource, such as gold, which gave them an advantage over new players. However, somehow a new player had managed to steal that gold from a seasoned player.

Not sure if that’s a desirable feature in real life, but I quite enjoyed the idea!

How often do you come up with new games in your dreams?

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  1. I’ve never had that happen to me, but I wish it would! My dreams are all extremely weird and vaguely(or sometimes not-so-vaguely) discomforting and freaky. The closest I come to that is when I’m listening to podcasts, walking, or starting to fall asleep, I let my thoughts wander and start coming up with game ideas.