Brew Me Up

Wanted to share some cards and tiles I’ve made with the tool for my game Brew Me Up.

Aliens are threatening to destroy the world unless they get their beer! Players sort of work together in this worker placement game, collecting recipes and ingredients, brewing and delivering beer to the revolving alien ship and working together to complete events lest the aliens retaliate. I do plan to post more and share what I’ve been working on in the last 3 years! Eager to receive feedback too. 🙂

Machine tile

Event, players need to work together otherwise they’ll be penalized.

Ale recipe

Lager recipe

Solo Mode prototype card 1

Solo Mode prototype card 2

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  1. Awesome theme! Of course we have to brew beer to save humanity.
    When it comes to graphic design I’m completely uneducated, but I think the machine tile and the event has a more appealing design than the recipe cards (which give a somewhat crowded impression). Good luck with the game!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Johan! I’ll take that into consideration. I definitely don’t have a cohesive design right now, so I am looking to what works and doesn’t.