Bot Playtesting Toolkit v. 1.1 released

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It seems only yesterday that version 1.0 of the Bot Playtesting Toolkit was released, and today a bunch of new functionality was added.

The most work has been done on improving the Track class, used for describing not only linear tracks but also grids of connected spaces. A cool function in version 1.0 is, in my humble opinion, that the toolkit automatically can find the shortest path to a space on the board and also the distance to it. In version 1.1 there are several additions that are pretty cool, too:

Another improvement is that pawns, used on tracks, are now a class of their own. This makes easier to move the pawns about, and also to add arbitrary properties to the pawns.

I also moved the documentation to the version controlled files in the repository. This means that whichever version of the Bot Playtesting Toolkit is downloaded, the relevant documentation will be brought with it. This would be difficult to do in the project wiki (which either will be shut down or get content of a different nature).

I am happy that I have tests included in the Bot Playtesting Toolkit. They have helped me find bugs, and reassured me that things work as expected when I’ve rewritten parts of the code. Automated tests rocks.

Want to try it out? Either make a copy of the 1.1 template right away or, perhaps wiser, read about how to get started.

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    1. Thanks! The toolkit has taken a few more steps since the last blogpost. I hope to write about it pretty soon.

      If you try it out and have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. GLHF!