A Safe Landing – A Plumbum Post

Well, I mentioned last week I was moving. I began the process last Friday morning, and took the entire following week off. Thankfully, a coworker was able to cover a Saturday shift of plumbing calls for me, and so today I returned the favor. I spent the whole week moving boxes, putting Swedish furniture together, organizing things, and realizing my new neighbors would rather actively ignore me than smile and introduce themselves. So, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna try to kill us. 

Anyway, I did get one 60 minute block to start work on a spreadsheet for card data. This set is for about 50 or so cards I’ve come up with, and it is a deck drawn just before workers are placed on their jobs. These will determine what type of worker is the best fit, and how many (if any) extra resources are required to complete them. I came up with fifty cards names. That means I thought it fifty different kinds of plumbing problems that I get called for in my day job off the top of my head. Next step is to provide the data needed to concur with the titles. I need categories, which will determine employee type, icons to go with them, icons for the resources required for each, and the actual resources required for each, and the number of workers on each one. I’m gonna have to gamify all of these a little. In the real world, any single tech, as long as they’ve been at it a few years, can usually do any single job, as long as it’s not too heavy to lift part of it. 

Anyway, as a fun bonus, the first thing I fully got put together in our house was our game area, meant for board games and Switch hookups. After all, you need to have a home base/happy place to retreat to, and this is definitely mine. My wife picked the kitchen, and more power to her, because I like cake too much. Here’s a few pictures from the game area, and then here’s to a more productive next week!

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