007 – Groggy Gamer Muse (Perfect Knowledge)

Games like Chess with perfect knowledge are memorizable, so grandmasters spend their time memorizing positions and the possible outcomes of that. 

That’s a lot of work, so games like Tash kalar, which has limited memorization and more of a luck factor, seem less daunting, and more fun. 

Onitama did it a different way by having perfect knowledge, but a smaller amount of information to know for each game. 

I would love something like tash kalar, where you are trying to achieve specific board states, but a bigger amount of moves are available between the two players. So, instead of two available moves a la Onitama, there’s 5-7 available to use until someone refreshes them. 

Anyone heard of something similar?

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  1. In Othello each tile can be flipped to the opponent’s color.
    Players can “save” a row or column for flipping later which can sometimes be mitigated by the opponent creating a better move to counter-flip. It looks like Tash Kalar has something similar with piece destruction.

    Maybe something like Carcassonne with a shared set of actions you draft from, played to change a shared space is what you’re looking for?