006 – Groggy Gamer Muse(the X-Files) 

I think you have a huge fan base of gamers now with a background of watching x files every week, and wanting something that fantastical and supernatural to happen to them because of those stories. I see shows like that and want life to be more extraordinary than it is. 

X files has a board game already, but the reviews don’t place it very high on the charts, sadly. I think in order to be more involved in the game and go in depth, you would have the players become investigators, like Scully and Mulder and have them make decisions from storylines read to them, a la; Kings Dilemma. 

Kings dilemma is a fantastic game, but the one criticism I had of it was that there’s a small disconnect once the players start playing to win and not to make decisions based on what they believe they would do in a situation harming or helping the kingdom (I don’t want to give spoilers, so it’s difficult to describe)

In KD, the game is about manipulating resources on a track, moving them up or down in relation to the other resources on tracks next to them. Your decisions decide what resources you let go up in the kingdom, and what goes down. You as a player, will get More points having those resources be at specific parts of the track that are different from the other players. So sometimes you will make decisions, not because you believe a decision is correct, but because it may give you more points. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s an awesome game, but at a certain point, at least in my game, I stopped really caring about the storylines, and focused on the points. 

If you made a similar legacy game like KD, but made it cooperative, and had a better way of not knowing what the end goal was, I think you could have players playing a game where they are invested in their decisions more, and drama at the table would be even bigger because of correct or incorrect decisions. Bigger game moments because of this. 

I want to believe: that this is a good idea.

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