004 – Groggy Gamer Muse (Mountain Goats) 

One of the hardest things to figure out is a subject for a board game that hasn’t been done ten times over. You know what I haven’t seen? A board game about mountain goats. I’m sure there’s at least one; BUT NOT TEN! 😬

It seems like it goes directly to a simple push your luck game, but maybe that’s because I play Can’t Stop too much. Maybe it’s more like a race.

There are a bunch of different ledges, but somehow, to get to the next higher ledge, you have to either roll a combo of numbers on the dice. As you go up the mountain, the numbers become more difficult to roll. 

It’s still similar to Can’t stop in that way, but you could make the game different in play style. Cards wouldn’t be as fun if it’s the only mechanic in the game I think.

Unless it was something where the cards were color coded, and maybe the mountain is multicolored and you’re trying to match the colors you draw to the mountain ledge you’re trying to get to; like for instance, you’re on a red ledge, to the top right is a green ledge. And there are blue parts of the mountain between those two ledges. You would have to draw a red, blue and green to get to that ledge. It could still be push your luck, but who knows if that would be a bit garish to look at. 

John Darnielle can you hear me?!

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