003 – Groggy Gamer Muse(80’s Metal Bands)

I was shouting at the devil the other day when Sister Christian told me my time had come. I told her “I’m the one who wants to be with you”, but she just spin me round and round. I was in paradise city and I needed a little patience before I could find myself breaking the chains…

I love 80’s metal. I play guitar and that music was what started the journey. If you haven’t watched Airheads, please do. It’s Brendan Fraser at his finest.

Either way, back then, there were so many hair metal bands that didn’t make it. And I think you could make a game out of what those bands did to differentiate themselves from all the others. 

Maybe you could have a set collection motif, where the band members are a set you collect, the instruments, the bars/venues they play, the makeup they wore. 

But I think something interesting would be if somehow those sets, served a dual purpose at the end, where somehow they are scored again, a different way, to play at the final venue. Battle of the bands or whatever. That would hopefully create interesting choices and what cards to pick. 

Anyway, off to Gornkey park. I feel the winds of change.

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