001 – Groggy Gamer Muse (Downton Abbey)

My girlfriend and I just finished watching Downton Abbey (no spoilers). The TLDR is that it’s a show about a rich family and the servants who serve and live with them every day. I didn’t expect to like it, but the show is damn good, no lies. It’s not as flashy as a Marvel movie, but the social English countryside has never been more edgier.

Either way, looking on BGG, there’s a board game for Downton Abbey with a rating around 20k.the basic game is a roll and move as you accomplish tasks around the house for points, or bells(in the show, the Family rang bells; when they needed things, or woke up, or got angry or drank too much). 

 I feel the Grantham family deserves more than this.

I feel the only way this game works is if it’s a cooperative game. You could make it so everyone is a servant trying to get Carson’s (butler) job, but I feel it takes away from the central emotion in the show. Everyone took care of everyone else. 

That being said, I think it would make sense to have each character in the family set up like an “event” deck. Maybe, depending on how many bells ring each round(however that is decided), you draw an event card from the family members, and the servants have to deal with making sure the Grantham family gets all their needs met. 

There would have to be some sort of final event, that everything is building up to; a dinner, a party, a hunting outing, etc.  Maybe throughout the game, somehow the servants are keeping some sort of resource for it, all the while dealing with the daily events as they come. 

Let me know what you think. Lady Violet commands it!

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